Our History

Our father, Roy Moss, was a pioneer in the aluminum boat business. When he sold his business in 1968, he decided to go from manufacturing something very big to something very small and became interested in coin reproductions. Using the first 2 letters from our mother’s name, DORIS and adding his name ROY, together they created DORY. With as interest in the arts and education, they initially targeted museums and national parks. Through the years they expanded sales to gift shops and theme parks.

Dad was a tinker, always inventing and curious. Dad became interested in stamps and was the first to turn stamps into metal – known as stamplates, and then went on to turn logos, seals, and statues into metal (But more on all of that for another site at another time!)

Dad moved the business from New Rochelle, NY to Salem, a small community in upstate New York close to the Vermont border.  The business has grown over the years and today the manufacturing and office is overseen by two long-term employees, Pat Shaw and Kim Skellie, who are, along with us, are co-owners. Mom passed away in 2007 and Dad in 2009. As his children, it is our goal, to keep the business going and to help it become even more prosperous, as he would have liked, and make him proud.

– Maggie Moss-Tucker & Michael Moss